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20' x 50' Swimming Pool

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Walking Paths Leading To Spectacular Lake Erie Views



Welcome To Crystal Cove Condominiums!

Located on the southern shore of Lake Erie in the historic maritime town of Vermilion, Ohio, Crystal Cove Condominiums are situated on the most beautiful and spacious lakefront property in the region. CCCA is in an ideal geographical setting because it not only boasts the beauty of the Lake Erie shoreline but is also within a ten minute drive of State Route 2 and the Ohio Turnpike.
The Crystal Cove Condominiums property was originally a peach farm owned by the Kishman family. The back fields of the property were used to dry fish nets used by the Kishman Fish Company. You could often see the fishermen mending or tarring the nets.

Crystal Cove Condominium Association has 86 residential units spread among the 26 acres of lakeshore property. There are six courts each containing from 3 to 8 buildings. Some of the residential units are single floor, ranch type structures while others are two story units.

All of our residents enjoy the serene and spacious surroundings. CCCA is an oasis for many. Families frequently gather here and, along with all the other amenities, enjoy a picnic overlooking Lake Erie and/or the beautiful and often spectacular sunsets over the water.

Many members of CCCA are also socially active with each other through scheduled activities (ex. ladies luncheon's, pot-luck dinners, etc.) held at the clubhouse and, of course, non-scheduled, informal, "just shootin' the breeze" type activities on a bunch of chairs out in front of a residence or at the swimming pool.

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